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The Idea of Health House

Originated from New Zealand, Health House has been supplying high-quality natural nutritional supplements and publishing health-related books since 1986.

Founder David Coory believes that if the country provides the right nutrition for everyone, half of New Zealand's hospitals will have no patients. However, with the development of today's society, the nutrients of farmland soil are no longer available, and the nutrients of the food chain are reduced, making it impossible for us to get the necessary minerals from our diet alone.

If someone has questions about taking nutritional supplements to make up for the nutrients in their diet, we would suggest that they ask farmers if they can grow healthy and strong crops without any minerals (fertilizers).

We also believe that balancing the body's pH (pH) can help improve health. The ideal pH range for the body is between 6.8 and 7.0, defined as neutral pH*. If the pH of the body is more acidic, diseases will be clustered.

* The acidity and alkalinity of food has nothing to do with its own pH value (food that tastes sour is not necessarily acidic), it is mainly defined by the substances that become acidic or alkaline in the human body after the food is digested, absorbed, and metabolized.

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The Pursuit of Quality

In order to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, Health House purchased the entire factory in 2009, leading the entire process, from the highest quality raw materials to the best production process, and continuously optimizing production equipment and improving product formulas.

The acquisition laid a good foundation for the production of high-quality products, leading Health House's business expansion, and built a new factory in 2014 to meet market demand.

The system and production procedures of the plant meet the requirements of HACCP/GMP, and have been successfully audited and certified every year. Health House guarantees that all products are produced in a high-standard sterile room, and the temperature, humidity and air pressure of the sterile room are strictly controlled by a modern system, and every production detail from raw materials to finished products is strictly monitored.

When David was young, his father suffered a severe heart attack and was on the verge of life and death. His father survived and awakened David's lifelong interest in natural health and developed a series of natural nutritional supplements. David spent 5 years of research and experimentation, and successfully improved his health with natural nutritional supplements.

David compiled these health tips into a book in 1988 and published "Stay Healthy – by supplying what's lacking in your diet" (meaning: maintaining health – to supplement the lack of nutrients in your daily diet), and constantly updated and improved in response to changes in the times The content was updated to the 10th edition in 2016, and nearly 90,000 copies were sold.

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