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Mousse Honey

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Family brand limited production
Established in 1947, all the honey of Mühl's family comes from 5,000 hives carefully managed by the company and will not purchase honey from other apiaries
. Different honeys are harvested in response to the flowering period. From harvesting to bottling, the whole process is monitored and produced by ourselves. No third party is used. The standards are strict. The goal is to produce the highest quality manuka and pure honey, free of pesticides and antibiotics.

Protect bees and support ecological conservation
Regardless of the cost, Muji will reserve honey for the bees for the winter. It is a favorite brand of New Zealand locals, passion, focus and trustworthy.

Two-step verification, the choice of confidence
Mu's UMF® Manuka Honey will simultaneously detect the antibacterial activity of UMF® and the content of MGO antibacterial factors, so as to make consumers more confident in Mu's Manuka Honey.

Inheriting the wisdom of brewing honey   Quality first
Müssei retains the traditional and meticulous honey brewing process, based on the principle of preserving the nutrition and quality of honey, and will not heat the honey to shorten the production time; it will not over-mix to reduce the chance of honey contacting bacteria in the air. The activity of Mu's UMF® Manuka honey must be higher than the degree indicated on the bottle.


Mossop's Balm

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We are a green and healthy lifestyle store, mainly providing high-quality honey, food and household products from New Zealand and Australia, serving busy urbanites who are pursuing high quality of life. Our team is young and energetic, and full of enthusiasm for life and work.

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